When should I book?

As soon as possible since we have limited spacing. We recommend 2 to 3 days before the charter date.

What are the age restrictions?

We accept guests between the ages of 4 and up. Kids under 5 years of age are free-of-charge. We reserve the right to request an ID in order to consume alcoholic beverages. The minimum age to consume alcoholic beverages is 21.

Are there any weight or height restrictions?

There is no weight or height limit restrictions.

What are the departure times of the Day and Sunset charters?

• Day charters meet at 8:30am. The charters starts its voyage at 9:00am to be back by 2:00pm. • Sunset charters meet at 4:30pm. The charters starts its voyage at 5:00pm to be back by 7:00pm.

What should I bring?

Bathing suit, beach attire, change of clothes, towels, cap or hat (recommended with chin strap), sunglasses, sunblock, underwater camera, light rainjacket (in case it rains) and motion seasickness medication if needed. Please do not bring sturdy luggage, platform shoes or black sole footwear to the charter. We will provide snorkeling gear and life jackets.

What food will be served in the Day Charter?

Barbecue chicken and vegetable shish kabobs, yellow rice, caribbean salad, fresh bread, fruit. Snacks include different appetizers. Beverages include water, sodas, beer, wine and other refreshments. Please advice if you have vegan or vegetarian preferences and any food allergies.

What will be included in the Sunset Charter?

Light snacks including cheese, bread, fruit, wine and other beverages.

Do you provide transportation?

Round-trip transportation in the San Juan touristic area is provided for an additional cost of $50pp + tax. This option is bookable online for a minimum of 4 passengers. If you have less than 4 passengers please call to confirm your transportation.

What are your Terms & Conditions?

• Our Cancellation Policy dictates that if the customer cancels less than 24 hours before the charter's departure, the customer gets charged the full amount. • NO REFUNDS if cancelling within 24 hours before the charter's departure. No refunds will be issued for no-shows. • If the customer cancels 24 hours or more before the tour, the customer gets charged a 20% of the total amount. • If Puerto Rico Sailing Trips, Inc. cancels the tour, the customer receives a full refund. • No refunds or credits will be issued for no-shows the day of the activity. • No partial refunds or credits will be issued if the participant is unable to complete the charter. • Puerto Rico Sailing Trips, Inc. reserves the right to cancel an activity if the minimum amount of participants is not completed 12 hours before the adventure or for safety reasons. Should this be necessary you will receive a full credit or refund. • If there is severe weather our policy dictates that the tour is rescheduled or the customer can request a full refund. (Whatever is best for the customer.) • Guests must arrive to the ship 15 minutes before scheduled time for departure. In courtesy of our other guests, we wait up to 10 minutes for late arrivals. No refunds will be issued for late arrivals. • Customer can bring own beverage if desired. ( No extra charge.)
• We accept 20% gratuity tips. Our guests will have the option of adding the tip when booking online. • The cutoff times to book the Day and Sunset charter is 48-hours prior to the charter.

What are other restrictions to be able to participate?

We do not have wheelchair access, but guests using wheelchairs are welcome.

What are the directions to Puerto del Rey Marina?

Directions to Puerto Del Rey Marina
4900 State Road 3 Km. 51.4, Fajardo, 00738


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Directions from San Juan to Fajardo (45-minute drive)

Get on Expreso Román Baldorioty de Castro/PR-26 heading east.

Take PR-66 to Interstate PR3 S/PR-3 S in Río Grande. Exit from PR-66.

Merge onto Interstate PR3 S/PR-3 S.

Follow Interstate PR3 S/PR-3 S to Carretera Puerto del Rey in Fajardo. Exit from Expreso Jose Celso Barbosa/PR-53 S.

Continue on Carretera Puerto del Rey to your destination.


Directions from Humacao to Fajardo (25-minute drive)

• Get on Expreso Jose Celso Barbosa/PR-53 N from Candelero Rd, Palmas Dr and PR-906.

• Follow Expreso Jose Celso Barbosa/PR-53 N to Cam Rio Abajo/PR-975 in Ceiba. Take exit 5 from Expreso Jose Celso Barbosa/PR-53 N.

• Take Carretera Puerto del Rey/PR-3 N to your destination in Fajardo.


Directions from Luquillo to Fajardo (20-minute drive)

• Head southeast on Interstate PR3 S/PR-3 S.

• Continue onto Expreso Jose Celso Barbosa/PR-53 S.

• Take the exit toward Carretera Puerto del Rey.

• Turn left onto Carretera Puerto del Rey.

Turn left.

Turn right.

Destination will be on the right.


How long does it take to get to Puerto del Rey Marina?

We are 1-hour from San Juan, 20 minutes from Rio Grande, 15 minutes from Fajardo, 35 minutes from Humacao and 2-hours from Dorado.

Do you have showers?

If you are catching a flight or going for dinner after your sail there are shower facilities available for you to use at the marina. We do have a fresh water shower on the main boat deck for rinsing off after snorkeling.

What equipment is included in the Day Charter package?

Snorkeling gear and life jackets.

How to avoid sea sickness?

If you are at all concerned about feeling seasick, please be prepared by taking any medications well before getting to the marina. We recommend taking half the dose the night before and the second half of the dose the morning of the trip to ensure that the medications are effectively within your system.

What type of life jackets are used?

We use United States Coast Guard certified life jackets Type 2 PFD in sizes for adults and children.

Where do we meet in Puerto del Rey Marina?

Slip #1202 (You will find the Calico Jack Pirate Ship walking through the main deck, after the 4th slip to your left.

Should I eat before the charter?

Yes. It is important to be well-fed before the charter. This way you will avoid your stomach from getting upset during the sailing experience.

What we'll do in the Day Charter?

You’ll sail in our unique Calico Jack Pirate Ship, a schooner with the real feeling of a pirate ship. Our guests will leisurely sail to the pristine Piñeros Island. You will get a blast with our exciting canyon bomb show! We will drop anchor and spend the day on the Piñeros Island turquoise beach relaxing or snorkeling the beautiful reefs. After a fantastic day in paradise and a delicious BBQ lunch we will sail back to Puerto del Rey Marina.

Where we'll be in the Day Charter?

Our Calico Jack Pirate Ship Day Charter takes you to Piñero Island which is rich in pure nature, beautiful views, white sand, and pristine clear waters. The north side, where the Calico Jack Pirate Ship anchors, offers very tranquil turquoise waters where the guests can experience the best snorkeling. This small secluded island offers a breathtaking setting where you can appreciate the shores of Fajardo, Palomino Island, and the El Yunque Rainforest mountain range.

What are your safety protocols in relation to the COVID-19 pandemia?

In Calico Jack Pirate Ship Day Charters safety is our uppermost priority. This is why we are adding to our Standing Operating Procedure the COVID-19 Safety Protocols with the newly implemented guidelines of social distancing, rigorous sanitizing procedures, and daily health controls for our employees and guests. Calico Jack Pirate Ship Day Charters wants to provide the safest experience for our customers during and after our charters. The COVID Safety Protocols features the following guidelines: 1. All the crew of the ship, including the Captain, will wear face masks. 2. All guests must wear face masks. 3. We will maintain 6' ft of social distancing at all times, except when issuing the life vests and snorkeling gear to our guests. 4. Bathrooms are available at the marina where our guests are required to wash their hands in the beginning and end of the charters. 5. Hand sanitizer will be available at the Calico Jack Pirate Ship at all times. 7. All our life vests and snorkeling equipment will be disinfected at the end of each charter. All snorkeling equipment will be rotated between charters. 9. The temperature of our employees and guests will be monitored on a daily basis with a non-contact infrared digital thermometer.

Does Puerto Rico Sailing Trips, Inc. count with any COVID-19 related certificates?

Yes. We have received the 'Auto Certificate - Health & Safety Self-Compliance Program'
issued by the Puerto Rico Tourism Company.

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